The DPS Robotics Lab is the latest addition to our school and its programs. Our mission is to provide a hands-on educational experience for our students.The Lab is named " BHASKARACHARY ROBOLAB".
The Robotic lab is a bright and generous space where children can spread out to do their inventing. There are computer stations where children can test and program their robots. Equipment is available for every student.
Each student group works with one another to design, create, and program a robot to meet a designated challenge.
A robotics class meets in the lab once each week to learn robot construction and programming principles. They learn to build robots using the latest Robotics Systems, as well as principles of motion and gearing, and use of light, touch, and ultrasonic sensors.
Students compete in a variety of robotic challenges that include drons,mazes, obstacle ride, races, and soccer. Students have joined competitions at national and international levels.

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