Solar Energy Project

Solar Lamps in the School Campus
Solar Energy has been used by mankind since long. Earlier however the use was restricted to utilization of Solar Energy for basic drying or heating purposes. It was soon realized that Solar Energy can be put to better use by utilization of Sophisticated system for Water heating used at domestic level, or Industrial level, drying etc. The use of Solar Energy for electrical power generation dates back to Space age when Solar Photo Voltaic cells were used to power Satellites orbiting around the Earth.

With passing time it was realized that Solar Photo Voltaic can be used as a Power source not just for satellites but as also the cleanest and greenest power source on Earth. Solar Energy thus started being used not just for conventional purposes such as heating but also power generation.
DPS, Bokaro has thus adopted this one of the cleanest and greenest technology through the Installation of Solar Lights in the campus which helps in conserving energy and using renewable solar power for lightening the campus in the night.

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