Vermi Compost Project

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Blooming flowers via composting i.e. use of organic manure
DPS Bokaro has constructed a pit for Vermicomposting in the campus for decomposition of the organic waste. Vermicomposting is the breaking down of organic material through the use of worms, bacteria, and fungi. By managing vermicomposting we are essentially speeding up mother nature's process of breaking down organic matter. The end product of vermicomposting is a substance called vermicompost or "worm castings". This is a nutrient rich organic substance which is added to soil to increase its nutrients. For this purpose earthworms are used which converts the organic wastes by an ecologically safe method and provides an environmentally safe product.this project has helped in reusing & recycling the organic waste into organic manure in environmental friendly manner.

Steps to vermicomposting

  • Buy or prepare a bin/pit
  • Place the compost bin on a fixed spot
  • Shred soil, cow dung and dried leaved for bedding
  • Add food waste and wait for a week or more
  • Add red worms with cast
  • Feed the bin with more waste
  • Harvest the castings
  • Use the ready compost for the garden

Earthworms are the nature's best friend.

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